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Parent Connection

Hamilton Academy is committed to keeping parents involved, with their student's academic performance as well as with the academy. We want to partner with our parents to create and sustain a powerful academic environment for all of Hamilton's students. Research shows time and time again, children whose parents are involved with their child's educational experience, perform better academically.


 Parent school partnerships are the cornerstone of student success. Parents/guardians of Hamilton Academy are encouraged to attend school functions in the school as a condition of their child’s enrollment. A calendar will be provided to parents/guardians stating the available times and dates that parents may volunteer. Once parents receive the required legal clearance parents are encouraged to volunteer for special activities.  A parent/guardian may chaperone on field trips, supervise during special activities, assist teachers with their daily routines, monitor halls and/or lunchtime, stuff envelopes for mailing letters, etc.  Please see school administrator for further details.


 Good Faith Agreement:  Acting in good faith, Hamilton Academy will accept students from other schools based on information given to us during parent and student interview with the school’s administration.  However, if this information turns out to be false or misleading, the student may be subject to dismissal.  Any student who has been expelled (or whose expulsion is pending) from another public or private school will not be accepted for enrollment.

 Parent Goals and Pledges:                                                      

  1. To fully endorse and support the policies  and educational goals as outlined in the student handbook;       
  2. To actively participate in school activities which may include the Parent Involvement Committee (PIC), special events held at the schools, associations and fundraisers;
  3. To attend or send an adult representative to parent/teacher conferences;                      
  4. To actively assist my student(s) with completion of homework assignments and provide an appropriate place at home where my student(s) can study and complete school assignments;                

   Student Goals and Pledges:

  1. To behave in a way that shows respect for myself, teachers, peers and others, as well as school property;
  2. To do my best academically, and behave in a manner that positively represents myself, my family and my school;
  3. To attend school on time daily;
  4. To complete and return homework on time;
  5. To adhere to the school dress code;
  6. To follow all the policies listed in the student/parent handbook;
  7. To ask for help when needed and offer help when I can;


In return, Hamilton Academy pledges to provide each student with a quality education designed to ensure that the student achieves at his or her academic best.



 Parent-teacher conferences will be scheduled throughout the school year (please refer to the school calendar for specific dates).  In the event that a parent/guardian wishes to contact a teacher outside of these scheduled times, he/she may do so by contacting the office to set up a mutually convenient meeting time.

Parents must make an appointment to speak with a teacher about a child’s progress instead of simply “dropping in.”  This policy is intended to ensure confidentiality and maintain scheduled educational services. Parents may not conference with teachers before or after school without a scheduled appointment.


How can you get involved?

Parent Involvement:  Hamilton Academy is a charter school founded on the principle that parent commitment, involvement and participation is essential to the success of a child’s educational process.  During this process, each child will encounter different challenges and situations that will need the attention of the school administration staff and their parents/guardians. With this in mind, we are requiring, as a part of the admission process that parents and students subscribe to the goals and pledges as outlined in this Parent/Student contract.

For your student:

  • Attend Parent Teacher conferences
  • If you cannot make Parent Teacher conferences, contact your child's teacher and make a special appointment that will be more convenient for you.
  • Attend school functions, like Donuts for Dads, Muffins with Moms, and Bi-Annual Title I informational meetings, just to name a few.
  • Be a chaperone on field trips.
  • Volunteer in your child's classroom.

For the Academy:

  • Become a member of the PTO team.
  • Participate in the school improvement team activities.
  • Become a Board member. There is an opening for a Parent Member at this time.
  • Contact the office for volunteering opportunities.

Get involved today!


Hamilton Academy Parent Involvement Plan (click for details)